CE Primary School

Singleton C.E. Primary School is a happy and caring community in which good manners, excellent behaviour and a desire to continuously improve and learn are expected from everybody. We are a Church of England School teaching Christian values and beliefs. We also promote awareness and tolerance of, and respect for other religions and cultures.

Newsletter archive


Autumn Term 2018


Newsletter No.14 24th December

Newsletter No.13 7th December

Newsletter No.12 30th November

Newsletter No.11 23rd November

Newsletter No.10 16th November

Newsletter No.9 9th November

Newsletter No.8 2nd November

Newsletter No.7 19th October

Newsletter No.6 12th October

Newsletter No.5 5th October

Newsletter No.4 28th September

Newsletter No.3 21st September
Newsletter No.2 14th September

Newsletter No.1 7th September


Summer Term 2018


Newsletter No.13 20th July

Newsletter No.12 13th July

Newsletter No.11 6th July

Newsletter No.10 29th June

Newsletter No.9 22nd June

Newsletter No.8 15th June

Newsletter No.7 8th June

Newsletter No.6 25th May

Newsletter No.5 18th May

Newsletter No.4 11th May

Newsletter No.3 4th May

Newsletter No.2 27th April

Newsletter No.1 20th April


Spring Term 2018

Newsletter No.10 23rd March

Newsletter No.9 16th March

Newsletter No.8 9th March

Newsletter No.7 2nd March

Newsletter No.6 23rd February

Newsletter No.5 2nd February

Newsletter No.4 26th January

Newsletter No.3 19th January

Newsletter No.2 12th January

Newsletter No.1 5th January

Autumn Term 2017

Newsletter No. 14 Friday 15th December

Newsletter No. 13 Friday 8th December

Newsletter No. 12 Friday ist December

Newsletter No. 11 Friday 24th November

Newsletter No. 10 Friday 17th November

Newsletter No. 9 Friday 10th November

Newsletter No. 8 Friday 3rd November

Newsletter No. 7 Friday 20th October

Newsletter No. 6 Friday 13th October

Newsletter No. 5 Friday 6th October

Newsletter No. 4 Friday 29th September

Newsletter No. 3 Friday 22nd September

Newsletter No. 2 Friday 15th September

Newsletter No. 1 Friday 8th September



Summer T|erm 2017


Newsletter No. 13 Friday 21st July
Newsletter No. 12 Friday 15th July
Newsletter No. 11 Friday 7th July

Newsletter No. 10 Friday 30th June

Newsletter No. 9 Friday 23rd June

Newsletter No. 8 Friday 16th June

Newsletter No. 7 Friday 16th June

Newsletter No. 6 Friday 9th June

Newsletter No. 5 Friday 26th May

Newsletter No. 4 Friday 19th May

Newsletter No. 3 Friday 12th May

Newsletter No. 2 Friday 5th May

Newsletter No. 1 Friday 28th April




Spring Term 2017


Newsletter No. 10 Friday 31st March

Newsletter No. 10 Friday 24th March

Newsletter No. 9 Friday 17th March

Newsletter No. 8 Friday 10th March

Newsletter No.7.Monday 27th February

Newsletter No.6. Friday 10thFebruary

Newsletter No.5. Friday 3rd February

Newsletter No.4. Friday 27th January

Newsletter No.2. Friday 20th January

Newsletter No.2. Friday 13th January

Newsletter No.1. Friday 6th January


Autumn Term 2016


Newsletter No.14. Friday 16th December

Newsletter No.13. Friday 9th December

Newsletter No.12. Friday 2nd December

Newsletter No.11. Friday 25th November

Newsletter No.10. Friday 18th November

Newsletter No.9. Friday 11th November

Newsletter No.8. Friday 4th November

Newsletter No.7. Friday 21st October

Newsletter No.6. Friday 14th October

Newsletter No.5. Friday 7th October

Newsletter No.4. Friday 30th September

Newsletter No.3. Friday 23rd September

Newsletter No.2. Friday 16th September
Newsletter No.1. Friday 9th September

Summer Term 2016

Newsletter No.12. Friday15th July

Newsletter No.11. Friday8th July

Newsletter No.10. Friday1st July

Newsletter No.9. Friday17th June

Newsletter No.8. Friday17th June

Newsletter No.7. Friday10th June

Newsletter No.6. Friday20th May

Newsletter No.5. Friday13th May

Newsletter No.4. Friday6th May

Newsletter No.3. Friday29th April
Newsletter No.2. Friday22nd April

Newsletter No.1. Friday15th April



Spring Term 2016


Newsletter No.9. Friday18th March
Newsletter No.8. Friday11th March

Newsletter No.7. Friday 4th March

Newsletter No.6. Friday 26th February

Newsletter No.5. Friday 5th February

Newsletter No.4. Friday29th January

Newsletter No.3. Friday22nd January
Newsletter No.2. Friday15th January

Newsletter No.14. Friday8th January



Autumn Term 2015


Newsletter No.14. Friday11th December

Newsletter No.13. Friday 4thDwcember

Newsletter No.12. Friday 17th November

Newsletter No.11. Friday 10th November

Newsletter No.10. Friday 13th November

Newsletter No.9. Friday 6th November

Newsletter No.8. Friday 23rd October

Newsletter No.7. Friday 16th October

Newsletter No.6. Friday 9th October

Newsletter No.5. Friday 2nd October

Newsletter No.4. Friday 25th September

Newsletter No.3. Friday 18th September

Newsletter No.1. Friday 4th September

Newsletter No.2. Friday 11th September

Newsletter No.1. Friday 4th September


Summer Term 2015


Newsletter No.13. Friday 17thJuly

Newsletter No.12. Friday 10thJuly

Newsletter No.11.  Friday 3rd July
Newsletter No9.  Friday 19th June

Newsletter No9.  Friday 19th June
Newsletter No8.  Friday 12th June

Newsletter No7.  Friday 5th June

Newsletter No6.  Friday 22nd May

Newsletter No5.  Friday 15th May

Newsletter No4.  Friday 8th May

Newsletter No3.  Friday1st May
Newsletter No2.  Friday 24th April

 Newsletter No1.  Friday 17th April


Spring Term 2015

Newsletter No10.  Friday 20th March

Newsletter No9.  Friday 13th March
Newsletter No8.  Friday 6th March

Newsletter No7.  Friday 27th February

Newsletter No6.  Thursday 12th February
Newsletter No5.  Friday 6th February

Newsletter No.4  Friday 30th January

Newsletter No.3  Friday 23rd January

Newsletter No.2  Friday 16th January

Newsletter No.1  Friday 9th January




Autumn Term 2014

Newsletter No.13  Friday 12th December
Newsletter No.12  Monday 8th December

Newsletter No.11   Friday 28th November

Newsletter No.10   Friday 21st November

Newsletter No.9   Friday 14th November
Newsletter No.8   Monday 10th November
Newsletter No.7   Friday 24th October
Newsletter No.6   Friday 10th October

Newsletter No.5   Friday 3rd October
Newsletter No.4   Friday 26th September

Newsletter No.3   Friday 19th September

 Newsletter No.2   Friday 12th September

 Newsletter No.1   Friday 5th September

Summer Term 2014

Newsletter No.11   Friday 18th July

Newsletter No.10   Friday 11th July

Newsletter No.9   Friday 4th July

Newsletter No.8   Friday 27th June
Newsletter No.7   Friday 19th June
Newsletter No.6   Friday 13th June
Newsletter No.5   Friday 6th June
Newsletter No.4   Friday 16th May

Newsletter No.3   Friday 9th May

Newsletter No.2   Friday 2nd May

Newsletter No.1   Friday 25th April

Summer Term 2013


 Newsletter No12. Friday 19th July
Newsletter No11.  Friday 12th July

Newsletter No10.  Friday 5th July
Newsletter No9.  Friday 28th June
Newsletter No8.  Friday 21st June

Newsletter No7.  Friday 14th June

Newsletter No6.  Friday 7th June

Newsletter No5.  Friday 17th May
Newsletter No4.  Friday 10th May
Newsletter No3.  Friday 3rd May
Newsletter No.2  Friday 26th April

Newsletter No.1 Friday 19th April



Spring Term 2014


Newsletter No.11   Friday 28th March

Newsletter No.10   Friday  21st March
Newsletter No.9   Friday  14th March

Newsletter No.8  Friday 7th March

Newsletter No.7 Friday 28th February

Newsletter No.6 Friday 14th February

Newsletter No.5 Monday 10th February
Newsletter No.4 Friday 31st January
Newsletter No.3 Friday 24th January
Newsletter No.2 Friday 17th January

Newsletter No.1 Friday 10th January

Autumn Term 2013


Newsletter No.13 Monday 9th December
Newsletter No.12 Friday 29th November
Newsletter No.11 Friday 22nd November

Newsletter No.10 Friday 15th November
Newsletter No.9 Monday 10th November
Newsletter No.8 Friday 25th October

Newsletter No.7 Friday 18th October
Newsletter No.6 Friday 11th October

Newsletter No.5 Friday 4th October

Newsletter No.4 Monday 30th September

Newsletter No.3 Friday 20th September
Newsletter No.2 Friday 13th September

Newsletter No.1 Friday 6th September


Spring Term 2013


Newsletter No.9 Friday 22nd March
Newsletter No.8 Friday 15th March
Newsletter No.7 Friday 8th March
Newsletter No.6 Friday 1st March

Newsletter No.5 Friday 15th February

Newsletter No.4 Friday 8th February

Newsletter No.3 Friday 1st February

Newsletter No.2 Friday 25th January

Newsletter No.3 Friday 1st February

Newsletter No.2 Friday 25th January

Newsletter No. 1 Friday 11th January


 Autumn Term 2012


 Newsletter No.12 Monday 10th December

 Newsletter No.11Friday 30th November
Newsletter No.10 Friday 23rd November

 Newsletter No.9 Friday 16th November

 Newsletter No.8 Friday 9th November

 Newsletter No.7 Friday 19th October

 Newsletter No.6 Friday 12th October

 Newsletter No.5 Friday 5th October

 Newsletter No.4 Friday 28thSeptember

 Newsletter No.3 Friday 21st September

 Newsletter No.2 Friday 14th September

 Newsletter No.1 Friday 7th September