CE Primary School

Singleton C.E. Primary School is a happy and caring community in which good manners, excellent behaviour and a desire to continuously improve and learn are expected from everybody. We are a Church of England School teaching Christian values and beliefs. We also promote awareness and tolerance of, and respect for other religions and cultures.


We aim to give each child a broad and balanced curriculum through the following
English History
Mathematics Geography
Science Music
ICT Art and Design
Design & Technology PE (including swimming)
RE PSHE & Citizenship

Our curriculum is designed to help pupils acquire the essential skills of literacy, speaking  & listening and numeracy, ensuring a sound foundation upon which to build more advanced  learning. Pupils are also engaged in studies involving science, ICT, history, geography and  technology. These programmes of study are usually presented in a thematic ‘topic’  approach, relevant to the children’s experience, knowledge and understanding of their  environment. These ‘topics’ are enriched by at least one school visit per term, the use of  artefacts, visiting speakers and first hand experience.


If you wish to find out more about the curriculum, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.