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Singleton C.E. Primary School is a happy and caring community in which good manners, excellent behaviour and a desire to continuously improve and learn are expected from everybody. We are a Church of England School teaching Christian values and beliefs. We also promote awareness and tolerance of, and respect for other religions and cultures.

Sports Expenditure Report 2015-16


The government has pledged money to all primary schools called the PE and Sport Premium. The money is designed to be spent to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils.


This year (2015-16) Singleton C.E. School intends to use the £10,137 grant for:

·         enabling sport coaches for football, cricket, gymnastics and cricket to work with different age groups

·         CPD for staff (eg. Teaching Primary Physical Education – 16/3/16 * The Primary Swimming CPD session – 20/6/16)

·         purchasing additional swimming teachers

·         expanding the number of competitive events the children can be involved with

·         providing any resources/transport as needed which will include the purchase of a school football team kit.


Last year (2014-15) Singleton C.E. School spent the £9454 grant on the following:


Staff CPD

Money was spent on increasing teacher’s PE skills and knowledge.


Raising children’s interest in physical activity

We funded the offer of every child being able to attend a P.E related after school club at least once during the year. Football, multiskills, fun fitness, judo and cricket were on offer at different points in the year. Across these clubs 90 places were taken up by pupils from Yr 2 – 6.


We have funded training for upper KS2 pupils to run the ‘Playground Pals’ scheme – providing older pupils with the skills to run games at breaktimes.


Supported curriculum

This was done by enabling all children from Y2-Y6 to be taught a range of sports skills with coaches from Southcoast Sport and hiring a greater number of swimming teachers.


Providing competitive opportunities

Some KS2 children were able to participate in some competitive events. 10 Y5/6 children to participate in a locality cricket festival and tournament and 8 Y5/6 children to participate in the locality Sports Day type tournament.   Greater number of football matches held during the year. Some of the grant was used to transport pupils to these events.


Providing equipment and resources

Stoolball bats were purchased and necessary equipment for sports day. Some money was spent on supporting the Y5/6 residential. We also participated in the Sainsbury’s Active Kids scheme.



Staff confidence and ability to deliver quality PE lessons has grown and developed.


Quality of PE improved – good use of coaches to deliver the curriculum enabling the children to achieve


Opportunity for KS2 children to participate in competitions/matches has increased.  Upper KS2 pupils are skilled in providing ‘Playground Pals’ games at breaktimes.


Participation in physical activity after school very good e.g across the clubs offered in 2014/15 ninety places were taken up by pupils compared with 59 in the previous year.  Range of PE clubs has been expanded too.