CE Primary School

Singleton C.E. Primary School is a happy and caring community in which good manners, excellent behaviour and a desire to continuously improve and learn are expected from everybody. We are a Church of England School teaching Christian values and beliefs. We also promote awareness and tolerance of, and respect for other religions and cultures.

a The School Day



8.25am to 12.00 noon
1.00pm to 2.45pm


8.25am to 12.00 noon
1.00pm to 2.45pm


Hot lunches may be bought from the West Sussex Catering Service. Otherwise, children are asked to bring a packed lunch. A drink is not required as water is provided. It is part of our Healthy Eating policy that at morning snack time all children eat fresh fruit or vegetables. Milk is also available at a subsidised price.

The school recognises the importance of drinking water in terms of promoting health and well-being and improving academic achievement and social behaviour. Adults and children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day. The school provides every child with a bottle which is filled from our water cooler each day.