There once was a cow named Chloe who happened to be scared of caterpillars. Just by chance, as she was charging down the crowded street to buy her cornflakes from the Co-op, a colourful caterpillar wearing his police cap; stood up and screamed “STOP!”

Chloe screeched to a halt and cried, “Crikey cobber!” in her crazy Australian accent. She was confused and slightly cross eyed, as she

peered down at him way beneath her.

PC Callum Caterpillar confidently said, “ I can’t just let you go.”

“ But I need some cornflakes,” cried Chloe.

“And I need some milk but you don’t see me charging around! There’s a catastrophe at the station, we need milk for our cornflakes!”

Chloe chuckled and replied …

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